Why Consultant Buzz ?

In today’s world of social media and internet is a marketplace, we find it very confusing to source the right kind of advice – Be it for promoting a business or interior design for a new home or financial advice or legal aid, personal requirement. We need a consultant/freelancer/expert to advice you or to your organization.

Well the solution is CONSULTANT BUZZ – a one-stop portal for all. We bridge the gap between advice-seekers/users/visitors and consultant/expert/professionals/freelancers and create new business opportunities for various industries/sectors.

What can CONSULTANT BUZZ do for:
Small Business /Experts/Professionals:

Do you owe a chain of restaurant and want to be known to everyone? Are you a gym trainer and want everyone to know about your services? Or you are a dietician, but no one is aware about that? How can you market your services and create an online presence without the hassle of market research and analysis?

CONSULTANT BUZZ is the solution.

We can showcase your skillsets, expertise or company products and services on a global scale. You have a readily available platform to advertise, launch and promote your products and services. Create and upload the content on your profile to our portal. If you need help or advice on how to highlight and market your business, Consultant Buzz can help you there too. Search through our panel of 5000 certified experts and coming days is going add more, who will work with you and help find innovative ways to market your business/services increasing sales and profits. A win – win combination all in one place.


Are you looking for financial advice? Do you need an interior designer? Are you in immediate need of legal advice? Or any other field. Are you tired of searching on the internet for professionals without being certain about their credentials?

CONSULTANT BUZZ is the solution.

You can seek advice from our list of consultants based on specific industries. All 5000 or more consultants/professionals are screened before their profiles are uploaded to CONSULTANT BUZZ. So you can be reassured that the advice you are receiving is from the best professionals in the industry.

CONSULTANT BUZZ - Connect, Collaborate and Succeed

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