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Your questions may be related to any field, our consultant/ experts advice relevant to that field is always there for fueling your success.

Is it the good time to invest? Which design to choose for your home? How to accelerate business sales? How to plan budget for a company? Do you need a lawyer or a CA or a landscape designer or a digital marketing consultant/expert?

If you have a question in mind, CONSULTANT BUZZ is the solution. We have a trained panel of 5000 certified consultants/Experts/ professionals with expertise in Financial Planning, Design and Marketing, Interior Design, Health and Wellbeing and many more. Our consultants will work side by side with you providing tangible value and benefits fulfill and help achieve the solutions in your business. Your questions may be related to any field, our expert’s advice relevant to that field is always there for fueling your success.

Your search for experts/consultants/freelancer ends here!

As an additional benefit, our portal also renders opportunity for small/ large business or consultants/ freelancers from various industries/business sectors to advertise their products, concept or services with us. CONSULTANT BUZZ will give you a platform that enables you flourish and make new business connections through our portal.

For Consultants/Experts/Freelancers/Professionals:
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  • Consultants /experts/ freelancers / professionals can choose their target locations. If you want to target a particular city, state or whole of the India. You can choose your visibility accordingly so that you get maximum viewership.
*** There is no registration fee at present for you.
For Consulting Advice-Seekers/Visitors:
  • Visit http://www.consultantbuzz.in/ .
  • Mention the industry regarding which you need consultant.
  • For getting more specific information about the industry, enter the key field from the industry/sector.
  • Choose your preferred location/city.
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  • Results will be displayed immediately on your screen.
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